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HR Challenges of Palli Daridro Bimochon Foundation (PDBF)


The approach of the millennium has brought about new challenges for human resources departments and practitioners around the world. These new challenges raise questions about the nature HR practices and the role of HR professionals, and imply new approaches for the HR function in product and service delivery. Palli Daridro Bimochon Foundation (PDBF) recognizes the critical importance that human capital means for competitiveness, cost effective processes, or in-demand services thought to be the key ingredient of success, but rather having and being able to keep the people who will come to with these ingredients time and time again.


This recognition has meant human resources has become integral to strategic decision-making at the highest level in PDBF. But joining the major players at the PDBF’S cardinal business table requires that the HR management function comes to grip with the key HR issues as well as key business issues facing our organization. These issues those are key if the HR functionis to add measurable value, deliver business results, enact professionalism, and demonstrate new competencies.


Material and financial resources cannot contribute beyond their capacity, while human resources can contribute beyond their capacity, thus human resources can enhance productivity.


HR of PDBF contributes in achieving/facilitating the following objectives:

         1. Organizational objectives: HR department exist to contribute to organizational effectiveness to help managers achieve the objectives of the organization.

         2. Functional objectives: HR department has to perform certain functions in line with organizational needs and goal.

         3. Societal objectives: HR operations to be ethically and socially responsive to the needs of the society.

         4. Personal objectives: HR has to assist in achieving staff’s personal and professional objectives.


HR of PDBF has the following objectives:

           1. Optimum utilization of human resources.

           2. Help to create a safe, healthy and attractive working environment.

           3. Develop managerial competency and help in creation of condition in which employees contributes to the best of their abilities.

           4. Development of mutual respect and trust between management and employees.

           5. Enhance staff morale.


Future Role of HR of PDBF

          - HR will play a more facilitative role in achieving goals/objectives of PDBF.

          - HR involvement will focus on organizational restricting/development activities.

          - HR will be directly involved and implement staff’s capacity building interventions.

          - HR will be proactive in their activities, thoughts rather than reactive.

          - HR will work in line with PDBF’s visions, strategic directions.

          - HR will be employee-oriented.


Major HRM Functions of PDBF


Policy Development/Revision and Monitoring

          - Policy manual development and revision.

          - HR Audit (Internal and external).

          - Develop HR communication plan.

          - Ensure frequent communication with staff.

          - Engage in Dialogue with staff at all levels; advocate on behalf of staff.

          - Ensure that grievances are addressed in most appropriate, sensitive and confidential way.

          - Periodic HR process analysis.

          - Client/Employees satisfaction survey.


Staff/ Consultant Recruitment And Transaction

a. Recruitment

b. Staff transitions

c. Manage retrenchment


Performance Management System

        - Standardize job description, Individual Operating Plans and other tools for defining performance standards.

        - Ensure that supervisors perform their responsibilities vis-a-vis performance management.

        - Ensure that midterm appraisals are performed and documented.

        - Develop, revise and disseminate policy guidelines on staff appraisal system.

        - Develop and monitor appraisal grievance procedure.

        - Work with staff to achieve objectives for personal development as identified in appraisals.

        - Ensure salary increases and other incentives as per PDBF’s policy.


Human Resource Information System


a. Database

         - Establish a standard HRIS for staff and consultant.

         - Coordinated HR database regularity with line managers and management.

         - Provide each employee annual printout of his/ her HRIS file.

         - Review and develop necessary HR formats.


b. Maintenance of records

          - Personnel file for every staff for updating documents regarding appointment, discipline, promotion, and performance.

          - Move to use database rather than paper—communicate staff information and personnel decisions and to manager via computer network.


Staff Welfare And Management- benefits, salary review, disciplinary, trade union, labor laws and legal actions.


a. Job Analysis, Salary Compensation and Review

        - Recommend changes to job grading as per analysis.

        - HR benchmarking.

        - Workplace Healthy and Safety.

        - Group life/health insurance.

        - Pay Roll administration

        - Overtime.

        - Maternity benefits.


b. Discipline and Grievance

         - Investigate, recommend and implement disciplinary matters; conduct show-cause inquiries; ensure compliance for disciplinary actions.

         - Ensure rapid, sensitive and confidential follow-up to staff grievances.


c. Expatriate  Services

        - Salary, leave and other allowances.


d. Leave management

         - Earn leave/ Annual leave.

         - Maternity/ Paternity leave.


e. Outsourcing.

           - Guard.

          - Cleanning.

          - Driving.


Gender Relations

          - Develop/ communicate gender policy.

          - Special attention on gender balance and equity.

          - Raise awareness of staff on gender issues.


HR Administration:

         - Service certificate.

         - Identity card.

         - Condolence letter